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The Creativity Project

Click the thumbnail above to view the Creative Music Making Report online or download from the link below
Music4U Creativity Project Report 2014.pdf

The Creativity Project started as a programme of workshops and short courses, delivered across the York and Humber Region, designed to support young people and those who work with them in creating new music.

More than 100 young people aged 11 to 18 were given the opportunity to work with professional musicians and composers to learn the skills and gain the confidence they needed to create their own music.
Nine groups of young people were established in communities where engagement in music is low. Each group was supported by an experienced music leader, who offered the young people access to a breadth of musical styles, genres and instruments. The young people were invited to compose new music, which responded to the theme of place.

The project took place in community and school settings where the music leaders, teachers and visiting musicians were able to share their experience and expertise and support the young people during the composing process. Their experiences showed that young people respond well when they are given time, space and freedom to explore their creativity, either individually or in groups. The project also showed that exposure to new music and instruments widened the young's people appreciation and ability to create their own music.
In total, the young people created over 30 original pieces, all of which can be listened to online via the Music4U Digital Musical Map

Using the theme of 'PLACE' as a starting point, Music4U has done the following:

  • Written pop songs with ukulele players in Goole
  • Improvised and developed new gamelan pieces with young people with special needs in York and Hull
  • Produced dubstep and electronica with special school students in Scunthorpe
  • Written rock songs and made music videos with young bands in Immingham
  • Experimented with technology and instruments in Pupil Support Units and schools across the region

The Creativity Project has also involved a research and learning strand. The composition, improvisation and creation processes used by each group of young musicians have been documented by the professional composers and music leaders who have facilitated sessions, in order to collect information about the ways in which young people approach making new music and the ways in which their development in this area can be best supported.

Our learning has been drawn together into a report aimed at those wishing to support young people in their music making, the report of which can be viewed on this page.

To read the press release click here