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Come and Play: The Recorder - Workshop and Family Concert, Saturday 26 January 2013

Saturday 26 January 2013
National Centre for Early Music
1.30pm - 3.30pm: Workshop
4.00pm - 4.45pm: Concert for all the family
Calling all recorder players - young and not so young!   Come and Play in the company of the NCEM's Minster Minstrels recorder ensemble and their director, Heather Moger.
During the workshop, participants will take part in a rehearsal of the recorder suite, 'Through the Arches of Time', by Anthony Purnell, which carries listeners on an imaginary journey along the River Ouse into the heart of the city, and then perform it as part of the concert at the end of the afternoon. The workshop will also include a recorder demonstration by Minster Minstrels members, with instruments both great and small. If you have always fancied trying out the bass, or having a go on the sopranino, this is your opportunity!
The workshop is open to both adult and child recorder players of Grade 1 standard or above who can read music. Parent or grandparent, why not dust down your recorder and come with your child to enjoy some music-making together? Parts are available at both elementary and advanced levels: choose which part you would like to play (use the Guide below to help you) and download the music below.
The workshop is from 1.30pm - 3.30pm, with refreshments available in the break before the concert at 4pm.  In addition to the performance of 'Through the Arches of Time', the concert will include music performed by the Minster Minstrels recorder ensemble.
Workshop:  free of charge, but must be booked in advance by completing the Booking form below and returning it to the NCEM. Your place will be confirmed on receipt of your booking form.
Concert ticket: £3.00 (under 12s and workshop participants free).  Book here
For further information contact Janet Cromartie, Music Administrator at or telephone 01904 632220.
The Minster Minstrels is run as a partnership between the NCEM and the City of York Council's Arts Academy with support from the Mayfield Valley Arts Trust.
'Through the Arches of Time' comes from the Festival Series ( ) by Anthony Purnell. The composer has generously given us permission to make the parts available on our website so that you can practise in advance. Please note that they are not to be used for any other performance. Details of the extended techniques required can be found at .