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Reporting Winter 2012 Activities

Music4U has recently completed a First Milestone evaluation of our Musical Inclusion work during the period October 2012 - January 2013. Here's a summary of what we have achieved in this time:

We have been busy with projects across our region, from York to Grimsby, Goole to Bridlington, taking music into Pupil Referral Units, schools, youth clubs, arts venues and community settings. We've made and played our own junk percussion, written our own songs, made our own music videos, gathered a massed ukulele orchestra, created a world fusion band, explored music from other cultures, and shared our work with others through concerts and informal gigs.

We have delivered 159 music-making sessions, worked with 29 music leaders, 10 trainees and 3 volunteers, delivered 3 dedicated training days, facilitated 33 performance opportunities for young people, and made 25 recordings of young people's music-making.

We have also offered music leaders, trainees, volunteers, support staff, families and carers the opportunity to be involved in on-the-job training, skills swaps, session observations and informal discussion groups, in order to improve the network of support for young people's music-making.

Our participants told us that Music4U projects have led to:

  • Increased musicality and musical expression
  • Improved core musical skills
  • Broader musical horizons
  • Improved vocal, instrumental and technology skills
  • Higher levels of confidence and self-esteem
  • Developed transferrable skills, such as social, listening, numeracy, turn-taking, team-working skills
  • Better self-regulation and behaviour management
  • Exploring new types of music and new ways of making music

One of the young people on our North East Lincolnshire Rock project summed up his Music4U experience by telling us: "It's amazing, it's helped me learn loads as well as meet new people... it's just plain awesome!"