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York St John Students join the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

The National Centre for Early Music offered York St John's first year music students the opportunity to take part in a drumming workshop run by the Mugenkyo Taiko drummers on Thursday 14 March 2013.

The students were studying a module called 'Drumming', during which they explore as many aspects of rhythm, percussion and drum work as possible and this workshop fitted it perfectly with their syllabus.

The students were given a chance to play the Taiko drums and through this gained an experiential understanding of the techniques needed to play the instruments correctly, how to make the right sounds, how to work as an ensemble.

They also learned about the traditions of the Taiko genre and the spiritual attitude needed for the music and had the amazing opportunity to work with top class professional musicians, learning about professional approaches to rehearsing and performing and the dedication needed to develop to a high level as a musician.

As well as learning about this drumming form, the students also gained valuable experience in 'how to run a workshop', which would come in very useful for them later in their degree course when studying music education and community music.

All students were part of the audience for the public performance the same evening and the workshop session really enhanced their understanding of this performance.

Chris Bartram, Senior Lecturer in Music, York St John University said this had been a brilliant workshop. He added: "The students had a fantastic time and it was a very inspiring workshop. It gave them a unique practical understanding of a music genre as well as the invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from experienced professional musicians.

"We really welcome the opportunity to work with the NCEM and the amazing musicians who perform with them, these musical experiences are so valuable to our students."