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Exploring Gamelan in York

Exploring Gamelan is a practical project, designed to give young people hands-on experience of instruments and music from another culture. Children from local schools and community groups will be given the opportunity play on Gamelan Sekar Petak, a genuine Javanese gamelan orchestra based at the University of York. Young people will learn Javanese lancaran and gangsaran (short traditional pieces) and will also be encouraged to explore the instruments as a sound-source for contemporary composition. Recordings will be made of young people's work and will be celebrated on the Music4U Digital Musical Map  .

The project will also offer insights into other elements of Javanese culture, including the discovery of how a gamelan is made, and explorations into some of the other art forms that appear alongside gamelan, such as dance and puppetry.

The project runs from April - November 2013. Sessions will be led by community musician and gamelan player, Emily Crossland, and supported by current students and recent graduates of the University of York Community Music MA.