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Stevie Mould

Stevie Mould


Location (county)

Instrument(s)/ voice
Guitar, voice

When did you start playing music?
Started singing about 2 years ago, started playing guitar 1 year ago

How do you learn your music
Self-taught and lessons at school

Musical goals
Support more professional musicians and play more festivals

Musical interests/ influences
Country, folk, Edwina Hayes, Nanci Griffith, Stevie Nicks


What music-making have you been involved in?
I have been involved in the Rhythm Pixies (a world urban fusion ensemble based in Hull) and a Gospel Choir. I have also been performing locally.

What musical skills have you developed?
I've been working on different tunings for the guitar.

What have been your main successes?
Writing another song.

What have been your main challenges?
Being in Year 11 and having lots of work and so not being able to play guitar as much.