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Colours of Music in Hull Video

The Colours of Music Orchestra - a collaborative ensemble of young people from special schools in Hull - worked with three artists during the summer term to create and perform an original interpretation of the traditional Indonesian folk tale, Too Too Moo and the Giant.
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The young performers had the chance to develop theatrical skills, such as mime and puppetry, under the direction of puppeteer and visual designer, Liz Dees. They also spent time with percussionist and performer, Gary Hammond, to develop instrumental skills and to create and perform musical soundscapes to shape the drama of the story.

Some of the young people also had the opportunity to explore and play a genuine Javanese gamelan - a set of gongs and metallophones from Indonesia - and to write new music for these instruments with composer and gamelan expert, Emily Crossland.

The 60-strong ensemble came together to perform to a large and appreciative audience at the Albemarle Music Centre in Hull on 12 July. Clips of the performance and insights into the process are shared in a short video about the project.