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Finding Jobs in the Music Industry Events

Music4U runs employability music workshops for young people who are thinking about jobs and careers in the Music Industry.

The workshop explores the different types of jobs available in the industry and recognizes that you do not have to be a performer to have a career in music. 

As well as looking at broad range of jobs available, young people taking part will have the opportunity to find out more about what employers want from employees and how they can work towards developing new skills that will make them more employable when applying for jobs.

Led by marketing expert and Marketing Co-ordinator for Music4U, Melanie Paris and education researcher and adviser Karen Merrifield, young people will learn about the importance of volunteering and getting work experience whilst they are still at school which will look impressive on their CV. They will find out more about where to look for job opportunities, what type of qualifications will be useful, networking skills and how to make good impressions on future employers. 

Young music industry professionals in their first jobs will take part in this workshop and will share their experiences and talk about the type of work they do and how they found their jobs.

Melanie Paris explained: "We are encouraging young people find out about music industry opportunities at an early age, it will give them a chance to build up their work experience whilst they are still in education which will impress employers. 

"It's a tough business but there are lots of different types of jobs available and we want to encourage young people to think about the skills that they have and how they could use them to work in the industry. We want to make young people aware that performing is just one way of working in the industry there are lots of other avenues to explore which can be very rewarding."

Information about new workshops will be posted on this page soon. If you are a careers advisors youth worker or music teacher who work with and support young people and would like any further information, please contact Melanie Paris at or ring 01904 632220.

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