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A Workshop for Recorder Players, Sunday 7 December 2014

Pamela Thorby
National Centre for Early Music
Sunday 7 December 2014, 10:00am - 2:30pm

"pleasing beyond anything in the whole world - the wind-musique" (after Pepys)

A Workshop for Recorder Players, age 16+, led by Pamela Thorby with Catherine Latham, Merlin Harrison (recorders) and Elizabeth Kenny (lute).

In 18th century England the recorder achieved a height of popularity not exceeded until modern educators introduced it to the classroom. Instruments by Bressan and Stanesby are among the finest ever made. They survive in substantial numbers and in many different sizes, clearly designed for consort as well as solo use. Here is an opportunity to explore some of the music they were bought to play originally - string repertoire adapted for recorders as well as specially-composed recorder material.

Participants worked in groups of three or four with Pamela Thorby, Kate Latham, Merlin Harrison and Elizabeth Kenny, on Purcell pieces selected from Ayres for the Theatre and (optionally) on the Schickhardt concertos for four trebles. Music was provided and participants received a copy of Grounds by Matteis arranged especially for the day by Pamela Thorby.

Pitch A440. Participants were asked to bring sets of instruments if they had them (descant, treble, tenor, bass) and to be prepared to cover different parts during the course of the day. Indicative standard: for players comfortable with Handel sonatas. Bass viols were also welcome.

What the participants said:
Just the right combination of expertise, delivered in a friendly and supportive way
It was fantastic to work such an esteemed crew
I was surprised at how much I learned in just a few hours
There was just the right number of participants
A very enjoyable event

Fees were £20.00 (students and observers £15.00) including music, and tea and coffee 
Timetable for the day:
10:00am                  Registration/tea/coffee
10:30am                  Session 1:Divisions and ornamentation with Pamela Thorby
11:00am                  Session 2:Split into small groups to work with individual Tutors
12:15pm -1:00pm   Break for lunch - please bring sandwiches. Tea/coffee provided.
1:00pm                    Session 3:Split into small groups to work with individual Tutors
2:00pm                    Informal Performance
2:30pm                   Tea/coffee and close