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Music Employability Event for 14 to 15 year olds (31 May 2014)

A group of young people from Freedom Road Creative Arts took part in one of Music4U's music employability workshops to find out more about getting jobs in the music industry.

This event was led by marketing expert Melanie Paris and education researcher and advisor Karen Merrifield who has just completed an MA in Employability at the University of York.

They were joined by young industry professionals Matt Dawson, a musician with a portfolio career and Rose Wilcox, a recent LIPA graduate who had just completed a long placement with International Talent Booking who talked about their experiences and the types of volunteering they did whilst at school to gain useful experience.

The workshops was aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 15 who explored the following areas:

  • Types of jobs available in the music industry
  • Importance of volunteering and work experience
  • Interview tips
  • Music related courses to study at University and College
  • Skills that are important to employers
  • Making a good impressions in person and on-line
  • Here are some comments from those who attended the workshop:

What have you found most useful today?

The background knowledge of Rose and Matt and how they got the experience they needed to find work.

I found the web exercise most useful as I didn't know how much of an impact presentation had on people.

Learning about the vast range of jobs available in the industry.

Do you have any new ideas for volunteering now?

Go and find out what is available and not just wait to see what happens.

I need to make a good impression and try to get what I really want.

Yes I think I will probably go for every opportunity I can because you can never have enough experience.

Do you think this workshop would be useful to other young people and why?

Yes - it enables people to get a bigger insight into the different roles that are available to them.

Yes - it opens your eyes to the possibilities in music.

Yes - because young people need to get the chance to do what they enjoy.

Young Industry Professional - Rose Wilcox

Young Industry Professional - Matt Dawson