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Information for Finalists

Keyboard instruments

The following keyboard instruments, provided by Andrew Wooderson and the NCEM, will be available for use by the competitors:

Large single manual harpsichord (Italian), tuned at A 415 Valotti 

Small single manual harpsichord (Italian), tuned at A 440 in 1/4 comma meantone    

Double manual harpsichord (Flemish), tuned at A 415 Valotti

Chamber organ, tuned at A 415, A 440 or A460 equal temperament

Fortepiano (Viennese), tuned at A 430


Competitors are reminded that the amount of space and retuning time will be limited. Competitors are advised to select only one keyboard instrument for their final programme.


Finalists will be provided with accommodation in York free of charge for

  • 4 nights (Wednesday 8 July to the morning of Sunday 12 July) for those from the UK
  • 5 nights (Tuesday 7 July to the morning of Sunday 12 July) for those from mainland Europe
  • 6 nights (Monday 6 July to the morning of Sunday 12 July) for long-haul competitors.


  • The NCEM will pay for return economy travel tickets in the UK up to a maximum of £60 per person
  • Each ensemble is responsible for booking their own travel
  • Competitors are advised to book UK rail tickets 12 weeks in advance for the cheapest tickets.  They can be bought online at .  There is an option to collect tickets at the station of departure - please note that you must have with you the credit card that the tickets were booked with
  • These travel expenses will be reimbursed while you are in York.  Please remember to bring your receipts. 


Programme details

Full final programme details for the Festival programme book for both preliminary and final recitals must be supplied by Friday 17 April 2015.

They should include

·         programme notes about the music and concept of the programme (approximately 250 words for each recital)

·         name of author

·         translations of texts if relevant

Recording and distribution

The organisers reserve the right to record or arrange for the recording of any concert in the Competition, including the Final, and to organise broadcasts and/or distribution without recompense to the competitors.


Other regulations 

  • There is no appeal against the decisions of the jury
  •  Participants will compete in the order given
  • Each competitor will receive a Festival programme book and a free ticket to one of the evening concerts in the York Early Music Festival
  •  All participants must be fully acquainted with the regulations and schedules