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Jonathan Heale

Jonathan Heale from  Advanced Communication Solutions
Hearing Conservation in Education - Are we doing enough?'

At times in Music Education the subject of occupational health and safety seems to not be given the attention it deserves especially in terms of hearing conservation. It is worrying to see that this subject is not even mandatory within the curriculum in Further or Higher Education. Many students are exposed to sound levels over 85dB(A), however, even with their legal 'Duty Of Care' obligation many institutions fail to provide suitable or sufficient hearing protection. This compounded by the effect of social listening amongst young people is leading to signs that we may have a next generation of music lovers and performers with Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Jonathan's background comes from the entertainment industry working both sides of the curtain for over 25 years. Formally a professional musician he went on to work as a senior manager in Further Education. He has also worked as a freelance Health and Safety Advisor for festivals and events. Jono has tinnitus and Noise (music) Induced Hearing Loss and is passionate about these issues. Jonathan has launched a new touring campaign called Play Safe Now - Hear Tomorrow on hearing conservation, which is supported by the charity Action On Hearing Loss.

Jonathan is Director of Education and Business Support at ACS Ltd