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Cuppa & A Chorus

Singing and dancing at Cuppa!

Chris, our wonderful Cuppa leader.

The all important cuppa and piece of cake.
Cuppa & A Chorus offers an opportunity to sing in a relaxed environment and enjoy a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a friendly chat! You do not need to read music or have any previous experience, just a desire to find your own voice and meet like-minded people. Sessions are led by experienced community musician, Chris Bartram, who will guide you gently through a variety of music from around the world, as well as offering informal one-to-one sessions for those who wish to explore their voices further. 

Cuppa & A Chorus offers a flexible alternative to a regular choir and there is no requirement to attend every time. 

Upcoming dates are: 
• Monday 25 March
• Monday 29 April
• Monday 13 May
• Monday 17 June
Autumn dates available soon. 

To book your place, please telephone 01904 658338 or click here

Our research
Cuppa & A Chorus was established in 2017 as part of Culture & Wellbeing In York, with the support of City of York Council, with a primary focus on improving wellbeing through communal singing. A pilot project of six initial sessions showed positive results, with a big boost in mood experienced by those taking part. Participants were asked to record their mood before and after each session by choosing a descriptive word and a colour (from the clinically-researched Manchester Colour Wheel ) to sum up how they felt. The below images show how participants shifted from a significant number of negative (9%) and neutral (75%) colour choices before taking part, to considerably more neutral/positive (100%) colour choices after singing together.

The descriptive words chosen by participants before each Cuppa & A Chorus session also tended to be more subdued or anxious than those chosen afterwards, as the below wordclouds show:



Participants also had the following to say about their experiences at Cuppa & A Chorus:
  • "Fantastic workshop - lifts the spirits and brings a warm glow to last throughout the day"
  • "I have been anxious this week and feel better now"
  • "Good to be able to learn something new in a supportive group"
  • "Thank you. Wonderful. I really think singing helps with my mental health"
  • "I have been through some bad times. This has really lifted me up"
Cuppa & A Chorus is made possible during 2018-19 thanks to the generous support of the Sir George Martin Trust, the York Common Good Trust, York Vikings Rotary Club and the Culture and Wellbeing Award Panel. Cuppa & A Chorus is part of the Culture and Wellbeing Partnership, a collection of cultural groups working to improve health and wellbeing outcomes across York, by offering opportunities to engage in arts activities, particularly reducing barriers to participation. It is supported by the following organisations: National Centre for Early Music, Accessible Arts and Media, York at Large, York Museums Trust, York Theatre Royal, Explore York, Pilot, Converge, Age UK and the City of York Council.