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The Sixteen: Vivaldi Gloria Tour 2018

The Sixteen & Harry Christophers
The Sixteen
Harry Christophers conductor

Vivaldi Sinfonia from La Dorilla RV 709                            
Bach Mass in G major BWV 236                  
Handel Overture from Esther (1st version) 
Vivaldi Gloria in D major RV 589

The centrepiece of The Sixteen's 2018 choir and orchestra tour is Vivaldi's Gloria - one of sacred music's most uplifting choral works and a joyful hymn of praise, with moments ranging from festive brilliance to profound sadness. Composed in Venice, probably in 1715, for the choir of the Ospedale della Pietà, its wonderfully sunny nature and distinctive melodies and rhythms gives it an immediate and universal appeal. Bach was a fierce admirer of Vivaldi's work, and his extraordinarily inventive Mass in G major complements the Gloria perfectly.

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You can see the online version of The Sixteen's brochure here