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King David & The Soundworld of Grinling Gibbons - Monday 9 July 2018

A Workshop for Singers and Players of Renaissance Instruments led by John Bryan


Monday 9 July

10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue Fairfax House, Castlegate, York
Tickets £25.00 (£22.50, £20.00)

King David: powerful politician, heroic leader, writer of the Psalms and inspiration for Grinling Gibbons' exquisite York-made seventeenth-century secured by Fairfax house in 2017. He is a figure that has long-fascinated musicians, artists and sculptors alike. Drawing on an earlier renaissance painting, The Performance of a Motet by Orlando di Lasso, by Peter Candid, Gibbons' own sculptured interpretation shows King David and St Cecilia in heavenly realms surrounded by a host of angelic instrument-playing musicians.
This full-day workshop, directed by John Bryan for singers and players of renaissance instruments, recreated the heavenly music depicted in this masterpiece. Taking Lasso's setting of Psalms 148 and 150 as the focus, the workshop celebrated the Sound World of Grinling Gibbons, and the instruments and music that gave both inspiration and form to his work. It also explored settings of these psalms by Philippe de Monte and Giammateo Asola, and a related psalm 'O clap your hands' by Orlando Gibbons (no relation!).
This workshop was open to all voices (SATB) with confident sight-reading skills, and players of instruments either depicted in, or contemporary to, the King David panel: viols, violas da braccios, harps, cornets, sackbuts, recorders and well-trained dulcians. The day concluded with a full play-through at 4.00pm.
John Bryan is Professor of Music at the University of Huddersfield, where he brings together his interests in researching, teaching and performing early music. He directs the University Chamber Choir and Early Music Ensemble, and is in regular demand as a tutor for early music courses and workshops. He is co-author (with Michael Fleming) of: Early English Viols: Instruments, Makers and Music (Routledge, 2017) and has also published articles in Early Music and The Journal of Musicology. As a member of the Rose Consort of Viols he has given concerts throughout Europe and in the USA and Canada, and made more than 30 recordings for Naxos, Signum, cpo, Deux-Elles and Delphian. John is also an artistic adviser to York Early Music Festival, and a contributor to BBC Radio 3's early music programmes.