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Manasamitra Lullaby Project - 21st May 2019

Lullabies at York Residents Festival

Lullaby Sonic Cradle
Tuesday 21st May
7.30pm - c.8.30pm

Manasamitra is working in partnership with NCEM to deliver an extended residency in York, working with different community groups and members of the public by means of their unique Lullaby Booths. The sessions are all about sharing and learning, where participants will be invited to remember and share songs and stories from their own childhoods (or their parents and grandparents). In return they will learn new songs and lullabies from other cultures. Manasamitra will be recording the various tunes and memories to create a soundscape that will form an essential part of the Lullaby - Sonic Cradle performance at the end of the residency. 

This bespoke presentation is unique to York, created not only from participants' words and stories, but also from other local sounds gathered during the residency.

Check out this video of Manasamitra's performance of Lullaby at the Hepworth in Wakefield, to see what you might expect from their performance at the NCEM. 

Join us for a truly unique performance of Lullaby - Sonic Cradle, on Tuesday 21st May, 7.30pm at NCEM. Tickets here.  

The residency so far...

We kicked off the residency with three fantastic sessions at the NCEM as part of York Residents' Festival, where we were joined by lots of families and individuals from the York community, who shared some wonderful songs and stories. 

Outside of the NCEM the group are working with groups such as York Explore, Song Box, Aviva Wellbeing Choir and York St John community music students. 

If you would like your group to be involved in this project, please contact Manasamitra or NCEM's Learning and Particpation Manager Lottie Brook on:


Tel: 01924 69192