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Event 11: The Carnival Band with Vivien Ellis

Toll Gavel United Church, Toll Gavel
Saturday 25 May 7:45pm

Adults £20.00 | Concessions £17.00

Please note that tickets are no longer available to buy online but can be bought from one hour prior to the performance.

Our first concert with two venues – a Chapel and a Tavern! To give everyone a chance to enjoy the event, we are offering you three different choices – remember to choose just one! Please see events 9 and 10 for the other two options (please note that event 10 is not part of the Festival Saver ticket).

Late Night at the Tavern:
Start your concert in the chapel – Toll Gavel United Church, Toll Gavel, Beverley – at 7.45pm then follow the musicians to the tavern at around 8.40pm, finishing c.9.30pm

Vivien Ellis singer
Steve Banks fiddle, drums, vocals Jub Davis double bass, vocals
Giles Lewin fiddle, bagpipes, vocals Steno Vitale guitar, mandolin, vocals
Andy Watts shawm, curtal, clarinet, vocals

Choristers and Carousers in Early Modern Britain
When the same musicians – and their listeners – are to be found carousing in the pub on Saturday night and hymning innocently in church on Sunday morning, something fascinating is happening to the music and the way in which it is received. Chapel and Tavern is a musical laboratory in which Vivien Ellis, The Carnival Band and, above all, the audience explore possibly the richest period of British popular music from the death of Shakespeare to the accession of Queen Victoria. Part of the concert takes place in the chapel, featuring the vigorous and enthusiastic music of the church gallery bands and reflective songs for private devotion. Part of the concert moves us all – musicians and audience - to the tavern for rousing performances of catches, ballads, theatre songs and dance tunes. Same people, evensometimes the same tunes –
only the context is different!

The Prodigals Resolution

Who Would True Valour See

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