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Event 14: Ensemble Medusa

NCEM, York
Monday 8 July 10:00pm

Adults £15.00 | Concessions £13.00

Directed by Patrizia Bovi

Patrizia Bovi voice, harp 
Crawford Young lute, viola da mano
Leah Stuttard gothic harp 
Gabriele Miracle dulcimer, percussions

Lucrezia …. the daughter of the Pope 1480-1519

The Borgia name has now become synonymous with treachery and corruption. Lucrezia was the daughter of Alexander Borgia, born before he became Pope Alexander VI, and sister of Cesare, one of the most bloodthirsty men of his time. She remained a strong woman with a passion for the arts surrounded by artists of the highest order in every discipline: musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, poets. Ensemble Medusa has brought together music which reflects her life from the papal court in Rome to Naples and finally to the Este court in Ferrara, where she was a grand patron of composers such as frottolist Bartolomeo Tromboncino.

"whipping the audience into a hand-clapping, foot stomping frenzy” Early Music Today