National Centre for Early Music

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The Centre is licensed to seat up to 200 people including performers. The performance area is very flexible with power/AV points throughout

The performance area is approximately 7 metres x 20 metres. Performers can either work at the East End that enables approximately 100 to be seated theatre style or on the South side with the audience in a semi-circle - allowing an audience of 200 to be seated comfortably.

Flexible staging is available on request. It comes in 30 separate pieces (each 30" square with a rise of 20") plus detachable steps, some half rises and a black frill.

The Centre is well soundproofed with excellent acoustics for music, drama and speech due to a series of flexible acoustic 'baffles' which are easily opened/shut to give greater/lesser reverberation as needed.

The Centre is heated throughout and has bespoke lighting and recording facilities. It has a small theatre lighting box (comprising 18 circuits leading into 12 channels of 2Kw dimmers). This lighting can be used for the concert performance but only by a qualified lighting technician. Full lighting and/or recording specifications are available on request.

The church windows can be fully blacked out if necessary.

The Centre is designed primarily for acoustic musicians but can happily accommodate modern electronic equipment. If you plan to bring mikes/speakers/amplifiers/ keyboards/mixing desks and any other electronic sound equipment - please let us know in advance.