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Instrument Hire

The following instruments are available for hire

Single manual harpsichord after Michael Mietke c.1710 (German)

Maker: Colin Booth, 1998

Compass: GG - e3

Strung at A 415 Hz, transposes up a semitone

8 foot + 8 foot + buff

218 x 90 x 24 cm

Painted in red (stand separate)

Double manual harpsichord after Goermans-Taskin 1783 (Franco-Flemish)

Maker: Michael Johnson, 1997

Working compass at A 415 and A 440 Hz: FF - ff3

(no bottom FF at A 392 Hz)

Strung at A 415 Hz, transposing up and down a semitone

Two 8 ft choirs, plus a 4 ft

Lacquered in dark red and decorated with gold leaf in the French 18th century style (stand separate)

Fortepiano after J. Fritz 1820 (Viennese)

Maker: Dennis Woolley, 1998

Compass: 61/2 octaves (CC - f4)

Pitch A 430 Hz (NB cannot be tuned to modern concert pitch)

Size 246 x 125 x 90 cm (stand separate)

Chamber organ

Maker: Peter Collins 1995

Three-stop continuo organ (stops Wood Gedact 8, Flute 4, Principal 2)

Compass: CC - g (56 notes)

With transposer (one semitone higher or lower from A440)

Oak case

3 ft 7 in (height) x 3 ft 6 in (width) x 1 ft 9 in (depth)

6'6" grand piano

Maker: Bosendorfer (1999)

Tuned to modern pitch


Tuning will be charged at cost. Please ask for details.