National Centre for Early Music

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Monday - Friday: £350.00 + VAT for a three hour rehearsal & concert

Saturday evening: £450.00 + VAT

Sunday evening: £500.00 + VAT

We are able to run a Box Office for you at a cost of 10% of gross ticket sales and £25.00 for box office services on the day of the event.

We are able to sell CDs and other merchandise on the day of the concert and will charge a commission of 10% on sales.

The National Centre for Early Music is registered with the Performing Rights Society and therefore we must charge you royalties for the performance of copyright works. These will be 3% of gross box office receipts' for popular music concerts (minimum of £38.00) and 4.8% of gross box office receipts for classical music concerts (minimum of £24.05).  All charges will be subject to VAT.