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Chinese Festival Celebrations

The National Centre for Early Music organised education and community events to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Workshops focussing on Chinese music were a large part of the Chinese New Year festivities with sessions which were led by the London Jing Kun Opera Association, the UK Beijing Opera Society and the Silk String Quartet.  These workshops were aimed towards people of all ages and took place at the National Centre for Early Music following performances by the ensembles.

Chinese craft-making workshops were a very popular part of the celebrations and families came to the NCEM to make Lanterns, New Year cards, Money Packets and even Chinese Kites. These workshops also gave participants an insight into Chinese culture.

The National Centre Early Music also worked with primary schools in York to deliver a variety of educational activities to York school children. These included working with Chinese community artists to design and create a Chinese Arch and giant size Chinese dragon which was paraded through York at an open-air celebratory event, Chinese kite making and latern making . Schools were also introduced to Chinese cuisine through some special ethnic cookery workshops led by Michael Hjort from Meltons Restaurant, the Humber Seafood Group and the Ethnic Food Action Group.