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Humberside Police - Radio Project

Young People in Hull and Grimsby have been helping Humberside Police create content for their new 'Not Just Noise' website at which will be launched later this year.

Music4U, the Humber Region Action Zone, has been working alongside Claire Taylor, from Cascade, a Hull-based organisation set up to promote inclusion through engaging local communities in creative activities. They have worked with groups of young people, who are attached to various youth clubs and explored a series of themes and created short podcasts which contain positive messages for the police to show on their new website.

In Grimsby, young people from the Western Young People's Centre, have been tackling the themes of Challenging the Yob stereotype, How Music Can Change Your Life and Thinking Positive and in Hull the Taboo Youth Initiative, Longhill Link-Up Trust and the Youth Music Mentors have been looking at Parkour and their experiences with the police, Knife Crime and Positive Thinking. The Taboo Youth Initiative also got the opportunity to go to the Youth Parliament in Hull to share their thoughts and feelings with local councillors and politicians.

All podcasts recorded have background music which the young people have created through digital music technology and also by recording their own band sessions.

Claire Taylor, Media Artist, from Cascade said: "This had been a very rewarding project. For the young people involved the project was all about creating positive messages, sharing ideas and developing new skills in sound production and music technology. It was a very creative process. Young people were encouraged to think broadly about the issues they identified. They came up with some very innovative ideas about how this material could be presented in ways that would appear to other young listeners. Everyone was very proud of the results".

Participant Jack Heron, aged 15, from Longhill Link-up Trust, had enjoyed taking part in this project. He said: "I think these workshops can help young people because they get to learn new skills and share their experiences with other young people. It was great to learn about recording and hear what we achieved with the final podcast."

Alex Cane Aged 15 from Taboo Youth Initiative, added: "This project was important for me because I was fighting for Parkour."

There are eight podcasts produced by the young people who took part in this project to listen to on this page. They are as follows:

1. Faster Motion
Alex from Hull describes his love of 'Parkour' and investigates how to make it safer and more accessible.

2. That's All they Can Do?
A group of young people from Grimsby discuss young people and antisocial behaviour.

3. Music is Power
A group of Youth Music Mentors describe their love of music.

4. Sound of the Crowd
A group of Young People from Hull discuss the reasons why young people follow the crowd, and the consequences of this.

5. It's All About Being Positive
A group of Young People in Grimsby discuss their hopes and ambitions.

6. Do Adults Sometimes Get It Wrong About Young People?
A group of young people from Grimsby discuss stereotyping.

7. Kids Point the Way
Young People attend the Youth Parliament in Hull to act on environmental issues.

8. Rock School
A group of young People from Grimsby describe their Rock School

Faster Motion

That's All They Can Do

Music Is Power

Sound Of The Crowd

It's All About Being Positive

Do Adults Sometimes Get It Wrong?

Kids Point The Way

Rock School