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Vegetables Make Sweet Music!

11 November 2009

Photocall: Youngsters will be making musical instruments out of vegetables and playing them as part of Youth Music Week celebrations. The results of their efforts can be seen at the Vale of Ancholme School, Westmoor House, Grammar School Road, Brigg, on Saturday 14 November at 2.00pm.

Young people in North Lincolnshire will be making instruments out of a variety of vegetables as the culmination of a music and healthy eating project run by Music4U - the Humber Region Youth Music Action Zone.

This project, known as 'Scrumptious Sounds' has been run by community musician Carol Dawson at the Vale of Ancholme School in Brigg as a series of after-school music making workshops to celebrate National Youth Music Week (which runs from 7 to 14 November).

The young people, aged between 10 and 12 years have worked with Carol and nutritionist Val Bonnet in this innovative project to help them gain a greater understanding about what they eat. Inspired by the wheel of good health, which promotes a balanced diet by eating the right amounts from each food group, each week the sessions have explored a different food group and Carol has helped them write lyrics and create songs with food related themes. They have also learnt rhythms and percussion to accompany their songs.

Carol commented: "Some of the food discoveries have been a revelation to the young people - for instance they had no idea that a pizza had such high levels of fat. They have really enjoyed writing raps about food and using food names to create different rhythms on instruments. The lyrics they are writing demonstrate to us they have understood the message and they acknowledge the foods that are good and bad for you. It's a great way of learning about healthy eating, the message really does sink in.''

"Not all the young people play musical instruments but this has not been a disadvantage as they have been able to create songs and play percussion instruments.

"Projects of this nature are really important as you are giving young people information that they would not normally find out about. Having a nutritionist on board has really helped as she has been able to make important food links.''

For the last session (Saturday 14 November) of this project, the young people will be joined by the Yorkshire based Big Hoo-Ha Company who will help them to make instruments out of a variety of different vegetables including carrot recorders, butternut bongos, aubergine castanets, pumpkin drums and cabbage scratch decks. The group will then create rhythmic percussive pieces and will also get the chance to use new technology equipment to record and sample their freshly prepared instruments! At the end of the day there will be a grand performance by the vegetable orchestra and a chance to hear all the musical food songs created as part of the Scrumptious Sounds project. This sharing concert will be for family and friends.


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