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Section 3: Calligraphy and Creative Writing


Alcuin of York is believed to have had a significant influence on the way documents were presented. One of his revolutionary ideas was putting spaces between the words! Another was the development of an easy-to-read script, known as Carolingian Miniscule.

Here, you can download activities on Alcuin's ideas for easy-to-read documents, have a go at writing in Carolingian Miniscule and design your own illuminated letters.

Activity 7: Alcuin's influence on medieval manuscripts

Activity 7.pdf

Activty 8: Saxon poetry in shapes

Activity 8.pdf

Activity 9: Learn to draw Celtic Knotwork

Many of the manuscripts written in Alcuin's times were decorated with Celtic knotwork. Here you can learn to draw Celtic knotwork patterns, and even invent your own designs.

Activity 9.pdf

To complete this activity, you will require the following templates:

Knotwork template 1: Knotwork template 1.pdf

Knotwork template 2: Knotwork template 2.pdf

Knotwork template 3: Knotwork template 3.pdf