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Around the world with Francis Drake

Lord Deramore's School - Around the World with Francis Drake

Lord Deramore's School - Around the World with Francis Drake
When Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe, he included a group of musicians in the crew. As well as entertaining Drake and his companions on the long voyage, the musicians performed to some of the people they encountered when they came ashore, helping to overcome the language barrier and to demonstrate that their intentions were not hostile.  Working with Cathryn Dew and Andrew Passmore from NCEM's learning team, and inspired by Orlando Gough's new piece for the viol consort Fretwork, children from Lord Deramore's Primary School traced Drake's route in music, learning songs and instrumental pieces from Elizabethan England, and music from many of the lands he visited.

Together with actor Mark Payton, the children performed 'Around the World with Francis Drake' at the National Centre for Early Music as part of the York Early Music Festival at 2pm on Monday 12 July 2010.

Here are two songs from the performance:

We be three poor mariners, a Tudor folksong:

Farewell, my friend, from Sierra Leone:

People who attended this concert made the following comments:

  • Astonished by the exceptionally high standard attained by the children in a fantastically imaginative programme.
  • Amazing. Thank you.
  • A wonderful concert, all the children were fantastic. Well done for the hard work.
  • My daughter has loved this experience.
  • Very enjoyable concert and enthusiastic participants - look forward to next time!
  • Very high standard and the result of much commitment by schools and NCEM
  • Wide variety - every year you find new ideas - and they always produce interesting results, good listening and informative as well.
  • This is an invaluable service which not only entertains and informs the children but gives them valuable social skills and provides cultural and historical education.
  • The quality of what we have heard today was excellent in every way.
  • My daughter who took part in Lord Deramore's production thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it was wonderful to watch and listen to.
  • I really appreciated the variety of musical instruments, singing and music.