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YMAZ Aims and Objectives

Youth Music Action Zone Programme - Aims and Objectives

Youth Music Action Zones (YMAZ) are flexible and responsive to the needs of their community and young people. They impact on the regional and national music education landscapes.

Across YMAZ host organisations, there are common, shared objectives that each Action Zone intends to achieve:

• To establish a legacy of music-making opportunities in areas of high social and economic need and geographical isolation

• To champion the value of music making in advancing the educational and social development of children and young people

• To improve the overall standards of music-making across all music styles and genres

• To establish music-making opportunities as a force for regeneration in communities, fostering social inclusion and community cohesion

Youth Music Goals
Over the course of 2010/11, together, we have demonstrated impact against outcomes associated with Youth Music

Strategic Goals:
Improve the life chances of children and young people in the most challenging circumstances by supporting them to achieve their full potential through engagement and progression in music-making.

Realise the musical talent and potential of children and young people by ensuring opportunity for all to develop their talent regardless of background or chosen genre.

Enable the highest quality music making, by developing a diverse, highly-skilled and inspirational workforce

Advance the learning and development of all children in their early years (0-5s), by aiming to ensure universal access (in England) to high quality music making activities across a range of settings

Become more effective in order that we can better address and adapt to funding challenges ahead. The YMAZ Programme 2011/12 will demonstrate success against these goals at both national and regional level.