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Musical Play in a Week

Click the image below to see photos from the 2014 Musical Play in a Week
To see images from previous Musical Play in a Week projects click here

The 2015 Musical Play in a Week will take place from 10th to 14th August. More information will be available on this page in the New Year

A summer week of creativity and fun for 10 to 15 year olds!  
If you enjoy acting, making music (any instrument) and listening to thrilling stories from the past, come and join us.  No previous experience is required, just enthusiasm and commitment. 
The sessions take place at the National Centre for Early Music from 10.00am - 4.00pm, culminating in a performance for friends and family on Friday 14 August at 7.00pm.

To ensure a place. Book Here   Tickets £120 per child.  Please ask about bursary places.
The parents' response:
"The music was fantastic."
"It brought out the best in my child - she was so shy before but she has been buzzing from Day One."
"The expectation is high, but the children manage to exceed everything asked of them."
"The NCEM is a wonderful place and has the ability to bring out the best in all children with its education programme."
"The children really step up to the mark."

The participants' response to being asked what they enjoyed most in the 2014 Musical Play in a Week: 
The atmosphere was relaxed, exciting and the show went really well
I loved how much fun all the songs and learning the play was
Acting, but still having the leeway to have fun and laugh at funny bits 
Games, acting and being part of an ensemble
Very well organised, exciting and well run, productive and yet laid back, but not so laid back that we didn't learn anything
Having fun with friends (and making more of them)
Everything - it's great fun.  The helpers are enthusiastic and encouraging and everyone is really lovely
The Musical Play in a Week is supported by The Mayfield Valley Arts Trust.