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Renaissance Dance Music

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Class: Tapes
Composer: London Pro Musica
Editor: TACX 145
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Tactus recordings
Publication date: 1087
Original publication date:
Binding details: Casette tape - duration aprox 45 min
NEEMF Ref: YEMF recordings/1
Recording to acomp. "The Renaisance Dance Book" qv
Side 1
Tr.1.Pavana "la Bataglia" - Hessen
Tr.2. Suite of Galliarde - "Il burato - Phalese: Basela un trato - Anon: Untitled - Hesse: Zorzi - Anon
Tr.3 Pavane "Si je m'en vois" - Anon
Tr.4 Gaillarde "Si pour t'aymer" - Phalese
Tr.5. Basse Da

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