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Pills to Purge Melancholy (Thomas D'Urfey)

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Class: Recordings
Composer: The City Waits
Editor: CSDL 382
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Saydisc
Publication date: 1990
Original publication date:
Binding details: Cassett tape stereo - duration not known
A selection of Lewd songs and low ballads from the 18th Cetury,published between 1698 and 1720, researched and arranged by Roderick Skeeping and Jeremy Barlow. Performed by Lucy Skeaping and Richard Wistreich (singers) Roderick Skeeping (baroque violin, B
Tr.1 Sometimes I am a Tapster new
Tr.2 Honest, Shepher'd, since you are poor
Tr.3 Blowzabella, my bouncing doxy
Tr.4 As Oyster Nan stood by her tub
Tr.5 There was a lass of Islington
Tr.6 Poor Celia once was very fair
Tr.7 Oh Fie! what m

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