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Fill Your Glasses - Convivial English Glees

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Class: Recordings
Composer: The Canterbury Clerks & London Serpent Trio
Editor: CSDL 361
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Saydisc
Publication date: 1986
Original publication date:
Binding details: Open
NEEMF Ref: YEMF recordings/4
Glees for 3 voices from 1700-1850 Performed by Peter Giles (C/T), Martin Renshaw (T), Anthony Bussell (Bar). with Christopher Monk, Clifford Bevan and Andrew van der Beek Serpents. Notes by Martin Renshaw
Side A
Tr. 1 Fill your glasses (trio) - Stpephen Paxton: Push about the bottle boys (trio with sepents) - Henry Bishop
Tr. 2 When Bibo thought fit (duet) - John Travers: Foresters sound your cheerful horn (serpents) - Henry Bishop
Tr. 3 When gen'

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