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John Playford's Popular Tunes

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Class: Recordings
Composer: The Broadside Band
Editor: CSAR 28
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Amon Ra
Publication date: 1986
Original publication date: Mr. Lane's Minuet
Binding details: Cheshire rounds and Hunt the Squirrel from The Dancing Master \r\n"
A collection of Johns Playford's dances performed by Jeremy Barlow (recorders, flageolets, harpsichord and regal) Alaastair McLaclan (Baroque violin) Rosemary Thorndycraft (bass viol, lyra viol and hurdy-gurdy, George Weigand(lute, mandora, cittern and ar
Side A
Tr. 1 Greenwood, Heart's ease and Excuse me from The Dancing Master
Tr. 2 Lady Catherine Ogle, The Scotsman's dance, Never love thee more and Miller's Gig from The Dancing Master
Tr. 3 The Grandees March and Saraband by Mr. Simon Ives from

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