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Eighteenth Century Organ Music (Hexam Abbey) - Gerald Gifford

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Class: Recording
Composer: Anthology
Editor: LRS109
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Crescent Records
Publication date: 1976
Original publication date:
Binding details: Cassette tape, stereo, dolby
Organ music chosen to demonstrate styles of organ writing in the 17th century and played on the organ of Hexam Abbey by Gerald Gifford. Insert includes Organ specification and notes on the music.
Side 1
Tr 1 Fantasia in C - JS Bach
Tr 2 Three Choral Preludes - Krebs
Tr 3. Concerto del Sigr. Albinoni, appropriat all'organo - Walther

Side 2
Tr 1 Noel Suisse - D'Aquin
Tr 2 Sonata V - CPE Bach
Tr 3 Concerto del Sigr. Meck, app

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