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Two 18th C Organs in East Lincolnshire - Craig Pillans

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Class: Recording
Composer: Anthology
Editor: GHC17
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Guildhall Records
Publication date: 1985
Original publication date:
Binding details: Stereo cassette tape
Recording of the Brocklesby Organ (Thomas Knight 1773 and the Scremby Organ (Johann Snetzler 1775) with a programme of Georgian music played by Craig Pillans. Insert includes Organ specifications photographs and brief notes.
Side 1 (Brocklesbury Organ)
Tr 1 Voluntary No.8 in C minor - Maurice Green
Tr 2 Voluntary in G major - William Walond
Tr 3 Two pieces in G major - James Hook
Tr 4 Organ Concerto No 2 in G minor - Matthew Camidge
Tr 5 Voluntary no. 7 in C ma

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