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Heart's Ease - music for viol consort (Fretwork)

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Class: Recordeings
Composer: Anthology
Editor: VC 7 90706 4
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Virgin Classics
Publication date:
Original publication date: Julia Hodgson and William Hunt (viols) with Christopher Wilson (lute) and Paul Nicholson (Organ) Programme notes by David Pinto"
Binding details: his galliard/Cpt. Digorie Piper his galliard\r\nTr 4 John Bull - Fantasy a 4\r\nTr 5 Johns Dowland - Lachrimae Antiquae/ M Nicholas Gryffith his galliard\r\nTr 6 Alfonso Ferabosco - In nomine a 5\r\nTr 7 Orlando Gibbons - In nomine a 5\r\n\r\nSide 2 \r\
Tudor and early Stuart Consort music for viols performed by \Fetwork\" Wendy Gillespie
Richard Campbell

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