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In Nomine - 16thC music for viols (inc complete consort music of Thomas Tallis) - Fretwork

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Class: Recording
Composer: Anthology
Editor: CSAR 29
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Amon Ra
Publication date: 1987
Original publication date:
Binding details: Open
Music for viol consort played by Fretwork, Richard Campbell (Tr) Julia Hodgson (Ten/Bass) Elizabeth Liddle (Tr & Ten) Richard Boothby (Ten & Bass) William Hunt TR,Ten Gt Bass) with Christopher Wilson (lute)
Side 1
Tr 1 In nomine a4 No 1 - Thomas Tallis
Tr 2 In nomine a 5 \Crye\" - Christopher Tye
Tr 3 In Nomine a 5 \"Trust\" - Christopher Tye
Tr 4 Solfaing song a 5 - Thomas Tallis
Tr 6 In Nomine a 4 - Johns Baldwin
Tr 7 Fantasia a 5 - Artb

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