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The Flower of all ships - Tudor Court Music from the time of the "Mary Rose" (Circa 1500)

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Class: Recording
Composer: Anthology
Editor: CRDC 4148
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: CRD Records Ltd
Publication date: 1987
Original publication date:
Binding details: Cassette tape - dolby stereo
Vocal and Instumental music performed by Emily Van Evera (Sop) Nancy Haddon (Flute, recorder,pipe and tabor), Erin Headly (viol and \Mary Rose\" fiddle) Andrew Lawrence-King (Harps and psaltry) Christopher Willon and Robert Meunier(Lutes). Programme notes
Side 1
Tr 1 And I war a maiden - Anon
Tr 2 Westron wynd/ Hey nony nony no - Anon
Tr 3 If love now reyned - Henry VIII
Tr 4 Madame anours - Anon
Tr 5 Hornepype d' Angleterre - Guillaume Morlaye
Tr 6 Kyng Harry VIII Pavyn - Anon
Tr 7 He

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