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Viola da Gamba Method for classroom or private study

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Class: Viols
Composer: Bishop, Martha
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Author
Publication date: 1981
Original publication date: 1979
Binding details: Paper back, ring bound pp 71
Tutor for tr, ten and bass viols will illustrations and consort excercises
Anatomy of a Viol
Fret Tying
Emergency String Making
Holding the viol & left hand technique
Holding the bow & right hand tequnique
Open strings
c Fret positions: Fingering patterns
Bass clef
Backward Extensions
b fret positions
Introduction to continuo playing
Introduction to double stops
Forward extensions
Reference to suplementary music
Alto clef
d,e,and f Fret positions
Introduction tolute fingereing
References to suplementary music
f,g,and h Fret positions
References to suplementary music
Basic rules for fingering passages
Other clefs
Scale and Chord studies
Wheel of Tranposition

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