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DIOCLESIAN - the masque in Act V

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Class: Baroque ensemble
Composer: Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695
Type: Score
Editor: Bartlett, Clifford
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Kings Music
Publication date: 1993
Original publication date:
Binding details: Full score and set of instrumental parts (12 in total)
Edited by Clifford Bartlet

Masque for solo SATB/Chorus SATB and orch. Instrumental set (no Vocal scores)
26. all the Nymphs - Cupid (sop) and chorus
27. Come, come away - Bacchanalian (bass) and Sylvan (bass)
28. Behold, O mightiest of Gods (chorus)
29. Paspe
30. Oh the sweet delights of love (2 tenors)
31. Let monarchs fight - Faun (tenor) an

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