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First Set of Madrigals to 3, 4 & 5 parts (1604) apt for Viols and voices

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Class: Voice
Composer: East, Michael
Type: Score
Editor: S7B 2061-11
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Stainer and Bell
Publication date: 1923
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp 132
Edited by E.H.Felloes with breif notes, original preface and dedications and texts. Piano reduction for rehearsal
Songs of three parts
1. O come agin , my lovley jewel (S/S/T)
2. In the merry month of May - the first part (S/S/T)
3. Corydon would kiss her then - the second part (S/S/T)
4. Young Cupid hath prooclaimed (S/S/T)
5. To bed, tobed, she calls

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