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Madrigals for Four Voices (1599)

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Class: Choral
Composer: John Farmer
Type: Score
Editor: S7B 1644
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Stainer and Bell
Publication date: 1914
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp 82 1 copy
a brief preface by Editor
texts of Farmer's dedication and all the peoms set.
madrigal for 6 voices/ madgogal for 8 voices
Piano reduction for rehearsal
1. You pretty flowers that smile (S/A/A/B)
2. Now each creature joys the other (S/A/T/B)
3. You'll never leave still tossing (S/A/T/B)\
4. Lady my flame still burning - the first part (S/A/T/B)
5. Sweet Lord your flame - the second part (S/A/T/

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