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Ballets for Five voices

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Class: 782
Composer: Morley, Thomas
Type: Score
Editor: S7B 1367
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Publication date: 1913
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound, pp 96, one copy
Ballets for five voices published 1595 and 1600 - with piano reduction for reheasal
1. Dainty fine sweet nymph (S/S/A/T/B)
2. Shoot false love I care not (S/S/A/T/B)
3. Now is the month of Maying (S/A/T/T/B)
4. Sing we and chant it (S/S/A/T/B)
5. Sing alone (S/A/A/T/B)
6. No No Nigella (S/S/A/T/B)
7. My bonny lass she s

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