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Canzonets for Five and Six voices

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Class: Vocal music
Composer: Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603?
Type: Score
Editor: S&B 1366
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Publication date: 1913
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound, pp 143 one copy
Canzonets or little Short Airs for five and six voices (Published 1597) with two madrigals from "The Triumphs of Oriana" (Published 1601) With piano reduction for rehearsal
For Five voices
1. Fly love thou art so sprightly (S/S/A/T/B)
2. False love did me inveigle (S/S/A/T/B)
3. Adieu, adieu you kind and cruel (S/A/T/T/B)
4. Love's folk in green arraying (S/S/A/T/B)
5. Love took his bow and arrow (S/A/A/T/B)\r

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