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Six Sixteenth-Century Quartets

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Class: Recorders
Composer: Anthology
Type: Score
Editor: Bergmann, Walter
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Schott & Co, London
Publication date: 1954
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound, full score
Quartets from various sources arranged and edited by Walter Bergmann. For DD/Tr/Ten/Bass recorders. Some text underlay, with English translation of texts by Norman Platt.
1. Pavana - Anon (from Tabourot's "Ochesographie", 1589)
2. Insbruck! - H. Isaak (c 1510, words in top part)
3. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen/ Winter Rose - Praetorius (words in top part)
4. Bass Dance, "Bergeret sans roch" - Sosato, 1551
5. Wachterlied/ Song of the Watchman - Anon (1535, words in tenor part))
6. Schons Lieb/ Dearest - Anon (1535, words in tenor part)

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