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Pieces in three parts from the Glogau Songbook c.1480

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Class: Recorder
Composer: Anon
Type: Score
Editor: Ilse Hechler
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Moeck Celle
Publication date: 1977
Original publication date: 1480
Binding details: Paper bound. 1 score,pp 28, no parts
3 part song settings edited and arranged for recorders (Des/Ten/Bass) Brief preface on history and editorial methods. Suitable for renaissance recorders.
1. Da nobis pie domine
2. Ave rosa rubicundaa
3. Aufer a nobis domine
4. Ecce tu pulchra es
5. Sante Nicolae
6. Cuius magnificaa
7. Ave stella matutina
8. Maria virgo assumptaa est
9. Surexit Christus
10. Nu bitt wir den heilige
11. Meyn gemuth das wuth
12. O wy gerne
13. Senliche not
14. O Ssenens craft
15. O libes lip, bedencke meyne noth
16. Spielstuck "P"
17. Ich sachss ayns mals den lichten Morgensterne
18. Spielstuck "B" - Heyne van Ghizeghem
19. Spielstuck "V"

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