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Dances from the 16th Century

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Class: Ren Ensemble
Composer: Anon (Pierre Phalese)
Type: Score
Editor: 3601
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Moeck
Publication date: 1965
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound 1 score (no parts)
Four part dance music from the Antwerpen Tanzbuch 1538, suitable for instruments of limited reange (partic. crumhorns) TrTTB
1. Pavane de la Battaille
2. Gaillarde de la Bataille
3. Pass'emezzo della Paganina
4. Saltarello
5. La Parma
6. Saltarello
7. Pass'emezzo Moderno
8. Putta Nera Ballo Furlano

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