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Music at the Court of Henry VIII - Complete Secular Works

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Class: Ren ensemble
Composer: Henry VIII, King
Type: Score
Editor: S&B 5408-1
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Publication date: 1962
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound, 1 score (No parts)
Selected from Vol XVIII of Musica Britanica (complete edition of B.M.Add.MS.31922, ed John Stevens Partsongs and instrumental consorts
1. Adieu madame et ma maistresse
2. Pastime with good company (i)
3. Pastime with good company (ii)
4. Helas Madame
5. Alas, what shal I do
6. O my heart
7. The time of youth
8. Whereto should I express
9. Gentil Prince de remom\r\

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