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Music at he court of King Henry VIII - complete secular works

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Class: Ren ensemble (vocal)
Composer: Henry VIII
Type: Score
Editor: John Stevens
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: RMA Stainer & Bell S7B 5408-1
Publication date: 1962
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound 1 score
Edited by Bernar Thomas for 3 instruments from British Lib. Add. Ms 31922 (tr/ten/bass) Tenor part in Tr8 cleff
1. Adieu madame e ma maistress
2. Pastime with good company
3.Pastime wih good company (atrib Heny VIII)
4. Helas Madame
5. Alas, what shal I do
6. O my heart
7. Time of youh
8. Whereto should I express
9. Genil prince de renom
10. Green gowth th

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