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Canzoni da sonar con la viola bastarda

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Class: Solo Viol
Composer: Dalla Casa, Girolamo
Type: Score & Parts
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica -LPM REP6 - London
Publication date: 1981
Original publication date: c 1540
Binding details: Paper bound pp 28: 1 score, 1 vocal score, 1 lute part 1 viol part.
Edited, with notes, by Brenard Thomas. Settings based on madrigals by non Papa,Crequillion, Merulo, Jenequin and Sandrin. With vocal score of original madrigals, continuo also entabulated for lute.
1. Mais languiray je (Clemens non Papa)
2. Ung gay bergier (Th. Crequillion)
3. Petit Jacquet (Claudio Merulo)
4. Martin menoit son porceau (Clement Janequin)
5. Douce memoire ( Pierre Sandrin)

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