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Italian Dances of the 16th century Vol 2

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Class: Ren Ensemble
Composer: Anthology
Type: Score
Editor: LPM DM3
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica
Publication date: 1978
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound, pp24. 4 scores
Dances (Pavans, galiards and saltarelo) from Brit Lib. Royal App. 59-62. Edited with notes by Michael Morrow. Suitable for most ren. instruments (S/A TTB)
20. La Paduana del re
21 Peschatore
22. Il burato
23. Menza notte
24. L'agricola
25. La colongnese
26. El todescho
27. La Gamba
28. Gentil madonna
29. La Gambetta
30. Mi racomando
31. Untiltled (Galiard)
32. Untitled (G

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